Live at Hangar 05 (2015)

21 de enero de 2015

01. Intro superman theme
02. Superman serenade
03. Come hell or high water
04. I wanna live
05. Going away
06. Lesbian in texas
07. Alice in wondermind
08. Burning wheel
09. Wild child
10. Back to the 80’s

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® Rockdising • All Rights Reserved © 2015

Released October 15, 2015

Jordi Ricol: Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Luis Marsà: Lead guitar and Background Vocals
Yuri Vargas: Bass Guitar
Jordi Steve: Drums
Alexia Molina and Carol Carbonell: Background Vocals
Amadeo Digón: Lead Vocals on “Alice in Wondermind”
Alexia Molina: Lead Vocals on “Lesbian in Texas”
Fede Navarro: Spoken Words on Superman Serenade

Live show Hangar 05 on July 2014 (Barcelona, Spain)

Sound Engineer: Sergi Ayuso
Mixed and mastered: Jordi Ricol