Keep on dancing (2017)

21 de enero de 2017

Ree Kohl – Keep on dancing – 2017

01. C’mon and love her
02. Come hell or high water
03. Cold war
04. Back to the 80’s
05. Superman serenade
06. On the road again
07. Lesbian in Texas
08. Going away
09. The day after
10. I wanna live
11. What a feeling

® Ree Kohl • All Rights Reserved © 2017
® Rockdising • All Rights Reserved © 2017

released February 1, 2017

Lluis Marsà: Electronic Bases
Jordi Ricol: Lead Vocals & Electronic Bases on 09
Alexia Molina: Backing Vocals and Lead Vocals on “Lesbian in Texas”
Jordi Planas: Backing Vocal
Federico Navarro: Spoken words on “Superman Serenade”

All Music By Jordi Ricol. Lyrics By Jordi Ricol And Federico Navarro
Recorded At Sona K Trona Produccions During 2016, August In Sant Adrià, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Earth And Milky Way

Edition: 2017 February
Sound Engineer: Jordi Ricol