01. Rift Valley
02. Hominids
03. Homo Erectus
04. Antecessor
05. The Neanderthal phyletic problem
06. A new human behavior (Sapiens in love)
07. Altamira
08. Searching for Fertile Crescent
09. Welcome to new times
10. Altamira (Alexia’s version)

® Ree Kohl • All Rights Reserved © 2010
® Rockdising • All Rights Reserved © 2010

Released September 15, 2010

Jordi Ricol: Vocals/ Acoustic And Electric Guitars/ Bass Guitar/ Electronic and Orchestral Arrangements/ Pianos And Drums
Lluis Marsà: Lead Guitar on “Homo Erectus”
Alexia Molina: Backing Vocals and Lead Vocals on “Altamira”
Jordi Planas: Backing Vocals and Solo Piano on “Altamira”
Eric Baule: Lead Guitar on “The Neanderthal Phyletic Problem”
Sergio Cerni: Slide Guitar on “Altamira”
Federico Navarro: Spoken Words

Sound Engineer: Jordi Ricol

Recorded At Sona K Trona Produccions During January And May 2016 In Sant Adrià, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Earth And Milky Way.