III (2013)

14 de febrero de 2013

01. I wanna live
02. Superman Serenade
03. Come hell or high water
04. Going away
05. Live forever
06. Lesbian in Texas
07. Alice in Wondermind
08. Back to the 80’s
09. With luthor the party is over
10. Burning wheels
11. Wild child
12. Hiromi mon amour (Bonus Track)
13. I wanna live (Disco Version Bonus Track)

® Ree Kohl • All Rights Reserved © 2013
® Rockdising • All Rights Reserved © 2013

Released February 14, 2013

Jordi Ricol: Vocals/ Acoustic and Electric Guitars/ Bass Guitar/ Drums
Lluis Marsà: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Yuri Vargas: Bass Guitar on “I wanna Live”
Johnny B.Nasty, Fede Acosta, Jordi Planas, Alexia Molina: Backing Vocals
Alexia Molina: Lead Vocals on “Lesbian in Texas”
Federico Navarro: Spoken words on “Superman Serenade”
Amadeo Digón: Lead Vocals on “Alice in Wondermind”

Songs Recorded During June And December 2012 At Sona K Trona Produccions (Barcelona)
Edition: February 2013
Sound Engineer: Jordi Ricol
Mastered by: Johnny B.Nasty and Jordi Ricol (Barcelona) January 2013